Milk rice and chutney

Not sure how common this is in Tamil diaspora kitchens. If anyone else makes this – I would love to hear your thoughts on it: yum/ok/blah?

This is a savoury version of sweet rice (see Pongal recipe) that my mum makes on special religious or auspicious days. We eat it with a really hot chutney straight from the stove top.

It was Tamil new year a few weeks back and I was hoping to have this post ready for then, but work has been pretty intense these past months and I have not been able to keep up with 1 post per month on My Tamil Kitchen.  My ‘Wine‘ album however has been progressing #shamelessplug.

Back to MTK – I found a couple of hours earlier today to get my ‘ammah’ to show me how to make this rice and chutney.


1 cup red rice
1/2 cup white rice
5 cups water
Milk from 1/2 a coconut* or if that is not available then 2 cups (soy) milk
3/4 tsp salt

1. Wash the red and white rice
2. Add water to rice
3. Bring to boil
4. Reduce heat when boiling
5. Once the rice is 3/4 cooked and the water has boiled off add coconut milk or plain (soy) milk and salt
6. Reduce heat and cook till the milk has cooked itself off and you left with quite a porridgy textured rice dish

1 cup of coconut gratings* or if you don’t have a coconut you can use desiccated coconut
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 medium tomato
15 curry leaves
15 dried chillies (add more if you want it hotter)
1.5 inch ginger
1/4 lime juice

1. If you are using desiccated coconut then add 1 tblsp water, mix it and put in microwave for 40 seconds.
2. Combine all ingredients minus the lime in a  grinder and grind
3. Add lime juice and serve

*To extract milk and/or grate a coconut see:


3 thoughts on “Milk rice and chutney

  1. Yum!! 🙂 My mum makes “savoury pongal” and chutney for new year with some vegetarian seeni sambol 🙂 now my mouth is watering!! 🙂

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