‘My Tamil Kitchen’  started in 2012, in the midst of me panicking about my identity as a diaspora Eelam Tamil in post war occupied northern Sri Lanka.  My teachers are two incredible women – amma and my dearest Nesa aunty.

Most of us Tamil kids who have asked our parents to teach us to cook would know that instructions go like this:

ammah: add a bit of a salt and turmeric and fry some onions.
child: how much salt should i add?
amma: as much as you need.

So it’s very likely I have messed up the quantities. I ask for your forgiveness. Feel free to correct me. All the recipes are mainly vegan – a few are vegetarian.


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  1. Hi Brami I was searching for payasam recipe and found your delightful bog and webpages – a very good idea -I am putting together a recipe book in aid of International Medical Health Organisation a US based Tamil medical group who do health and medical projects in Sri Lanka but have also done work in Haiti and Ethiopia – would you like to help me on this – I too am now in Canberra Australia -I was hoping to get ladies from our community to each contribute one of their home recipes -it is a way to write down recipes for other and future generations and not let thme get lost please contact me shiamala72@gmail.com look forward to hearing from you shiamala suntharalingam

  2. As a British born Tamil, food is probably the strongest cultural tie that I have to my homeland. As I get older, I increasingly feel the need to learn more about my heritage and cultural roots. Thank you for allowing me to do this through your wonderful blog! Keep posting! 🙂

  3. hii i have come across ur website through face book …. its quite interesting, . In general , the dishe’s for B.P AND Diabetes are difficult to eat .it would be really helpfull if you can come up with low fat or oil dishes which are both tasteful and healthy , so that people with b.p. and diabetes can prepare . In general ,

  4. Hi Brami
    I was spoilt by my wife who was a tamil from thirunelvelli in Jaffna, she cooked all the food for me and my two sons.My loving wife unfortunately passed away on 20/06/2013 and now I am in a situation where I am having to cook for both my sons who are 27 and 29 years of age.I have suggested that they get themselves hitched to a tamil girl like their mother so that she can cook for them. I am so very grateful to you as I have already made beans and potato curry and spinach curry both acquired from your webpage and it was so easy especially for me, a 63 year old man with no experience at all.I am convinced that my beloved lately departed wife has come through you to bail me out especially at a very volatile time in my life while I am still grieving over my great loss.
    I will be always grateful to you Brami

    • Dear Benny anna,

      Your msg really touched my heart. Thank you very much. I am sorry to hear about the very sad loss of your wife. Life can be so joyous yet so painful. Please don’t be grateful to me. To me this project is a way to resist the destruction of the Tamil people at the hands of the Sinhalese Government. I will never be able to return back to the land on which I was born and I don’t want our culture, traditions and recipes to be lost with my generation. When I receive a message like yours, I realise that there are many other reasons why My Tamil Kitchen is important and your support and encouragement fuels the fire I need to keep it alive. So thank you Benny anna. Stay in touch. If there is a recipe that aunty used to make that you want me to post up for you, please let me know. I will ask my ammah and learn how to make it for you.


    • Dear Malar, I am so sorry for taking so long to reply to you. I only just realised that I even had comments that I had not seen. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. It’s a slow project because of work commitments, but I am resolved to do 12 posts a year. Thank you again.

  5. Hi Brami, i am so Very happy to see a Tamil cuisine blog and especially recipes from Jaffna!!! I am married to a man from Jaffna and I love cooking him meals that are authentic. It’s so hard to look for recipes that are from Jaffna and also in English. I often visit Sydney and hopefully one day I get to meet you! Happy to be connected 🙂

  6. Hi Brami
    I work for a programme on SBS TV, hoping to talk to you about a new series we’re researching – is there a way I can get in contact with you please?

  7. Thanks for sharing these easy to follow receipes. I surprise my Tamil speaking friends (friends like family) each time we meet to share a meal.

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