Cooking with Thushani

In 2010 a few of us Tamil kids thought we should start a cooking show which celebrated our Tamilness as the  broader refugee community in Australia.  Our plan was to have guests on the show who were refugees from different backgrounds. As they taught us how to cook they would also share a little bit of their story with us and we would share ours [now that i think about it – i am not sure what stories of us we had to share – privilege?]. We would also have auntys and uncles from our  community on to teach us to cook.

We cajoled our dear friend Thushani to help us make the test vid. We knew she would be a hit!  The plan was for her to be the constant character/host throughout the series.

But then the urgent need for refugee activism in Australia (how disgraceful is this country’s treatment of those fleeing persecution and horror) and working on an international war crimes campaign took over my life and i didn’t pursue this.

There is definitely a little TV series in here. If anyone wants to work on it – holla.

Check it out: